by Alexandra Jülich 




Hello everyone!

We are a group of students from the HWR Berlin. Right now, we are at the beginning of our second semester and are learning how to create our own blog. Pretty cool, right? If you know how to do it. But we are a very lively and active group so despite our few experiences, we are positive that we can create something interesting for you!



German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic; no problem for Johanna! Different cultures interest her so much that she mastered or tried to learn all of these languages to be able to communicate with people from all parts of the world. She always finds something interesting in the lifestyles of others. Good thing we have so many international students at the HWR! But since she left the south of Germany for coming to Berlin 11 years ago, Johanna already knows how it is to live among different types of people for some time now. Because she is able to find something interesting in everything, Johanna is our mindmapper, which means that every three weeks she will create a mindmap connecting all the different ideas in our blog for you!

 In the beginning of the blogging assignment I kept my distance to the whole project and I always preferred to write them as impersonal as possible, but during several weeks of blogging I found out that it can be a delight if you write about something that interests you, for example as I started writing about sociological or cultural aspects. And if I compare our blog articles from the beginning up to now, I can see a lot of progress so I think all members of our group have found some fascinating topics to write about.

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Fenja is the only one in our group born and bread in Berlin. Her 20 years of experience of living in the city always come in handy and there is always a neat place you didn’t know, that Fenja can tell you about. But Fenja does not only show you around, she also provides you with the best muffins or brownies you have ever tasted! She just loves baking, no matter if she uses the good old recipes or experiments herself. And after Fenja spent all afternoon in the kitchen, we are the lucky ones ordered to try everything. However, there was a time when Fenja wasn’t faithful to Berlin (or to the muffin-addicts she created) and left for Australia. She made all kinds of great experiences, but most important for us: She had her own blog to keep everyone up to date. That is why Fenja is our designated webmaster and responsible for the layout of our blog. Maybe we should look out that she doesn’t upload any brownie-pictures!

As the webmaster, I spent a lot of time getting the hang of all the technical features wordpress has to offer. After playing around with it for a while, I realized what great blogs you can create even with the limited free of charge resources. I once created a blog before, but compared to its look and features, our blog now is so much more sophisticated! You really see the time and effort we put into it. What also helped me a lot was the current exchange of experiences with
my fellow webmasters (especially Christian). Thanks to this exchange of thoughts and ideas I was able to constantly improve my work and thus our blog.

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Who says actors are not reliable? In Bremen, Nicole is known for her great performances in open air theatres, in Berlin she is known as a person who loves creating to-do lists and then freakishly reliable does everything that list says. Despite her great acting talent, Nicole is very down to earth. Probably because she mostly performed in the role of men or animals and was never recognised again after the shows were over. If she does not act herself, she loves watching others do it. She is a great fan of all of the Asterix and Obelix movies or the slightly more realistic and high-quality highschool movies. However, Nicole’s hidden passion is eating, especially sweets and potatoes (interesting combination by the way). And I do mean hidden passion, because if you see Nicole, you will seriously doubt if she is saying the truth. Since Nicole is also a great creative writer, who knows a beautiful image for nearly every topic, she is one of our review editors. So if you want an overview of our blog, look for Nicoles by-weekly reviews.

I have learned a lot of technical features that you need to know when creating a blog. Some examples are: creating tags, categories, insert photos, changing the design of a post with HTML etc. Moreover, I realized the importance of appealing headlines that make people want to read your article.Additionally, I experienced using google groups and asana for our blogging group. I really like how our team works, the way we are organized and how we care about each other. (e.g. if somebody is not able to publish a post on a certain day, somebody else steps in to do it)

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Ferhat is the grandpa in our group. Or at least is he just the pa, because Ferhat already has a family and 2 sons. So he is probably the one of us who has the tightest schedule and the most realistic view of what will happen after graduating from the HWR. Even though he has a lot of stuff to manage, he always finds time for his widespread hobbies which go from playing the violin and oriental drum to power swimming. In class, you can always tell where Ferhat is, because he loves to express his impatience by drumming on the table with his fingers. He is our second review editor, so we are all excited whether he will see other aspects than Nicole, considering that he is the only guy in our group.


Initially I didn’t like the idea to write blogs that everyone can read and comment on. The blog is the sum of our individual work which reflects the ideas, opinions, concerns, experiences, encounters etc. The idea to share those things made me sceptical. However after a while I lost my inhibitions and now I’m actually enjoying the blogging. Most of all I like the freedom of expression and choice. In the end, I’am my own chief editor so that I can draw attention to the topics that interest me. Through the blogging I was able improve my writing skills with different tools and technics. Today I can work faster with respect to preparation, research and software application. Moreover I can steadily enrich my knowledge by reading, comparing and commenting on other posts.

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It’s not often that you meet someone as ambitious as Korinna! Since she is fascinated by arts and culture, she is always looking for projects that she can participate in or internships that help her broaden her mind and allow her to make some very interesting new experiences. If Korinna is not in a museum, she is literally on the run, because sport is her second great passion, especially running. This is something she can never get enough of, so after finishing the berlin halfmarathon at the speed of lightning she is now training for the berlin marathon this October. Obviously, she wants to include these interests in her future job and dreams of a career in the area of culture- or sportmanagement. After looking at Korinna’s interest and knowledge of arts, it is no wonder that she jumped at the chance of being our foto-editor, which means she will be the one to creatively illustrate our blog, to make it more appealing to you!

I learned that blogging can be a really powerful tool, as it is not only addressed to one reader but to whoever wants to read what you have to say. Thus it is a nice way to express yourself. That also showed me that blogging is a nice thing for people who live in a country without the freedom of opinion as blogging might be a way to convey their views. When I got feedback from other bloggers I realized that it is also a great way to exchange ideas and opinions with people from all over the world. Thanks to the BussApps class I will probably blog again when I have the feeling that I would like to share a nice long-lasting experience like a wonderful journey or a great internship.

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Since I am the official group leader, I had the honor to introduce you to all of my fellow groupmembers. I will keep you updated on our experiences and new developments during the next months and try to make sure that you have something interesting to read every day. Other than being group leader, I don’t know much about blogging and honestly am quite curious what we will create here, because I am originally from a small town in Schleswig Holstein, where you can be happy when you’re able to watch a 3 minute youtube video after 15 minutes loading. That’s why I spent most of my freetime outside with my dog and horse, rather than in the width of the internet. So now in Berlin I run up to every dog I see or try to tame the squirrel that lives in my backyard. When my busy days of university, blogging, and quirrel-taming are over, I love to watch my favorite Disney movies before going to bed.


I have to say I never thought that we were able to create such a great blog, that already looks really professional ( at least in my opinion). Although most of the credits for that go to Fenja, I like how truly everybody learned how to work with wordpress, even me.  I was really skeptical about the whole project, because I had a big problem with the task “write about what interests you and stands in some connection to our Business Application class”. This is the area where I see that I made a lot of progress in the last 2 months: I am now a lot faster in researching on a few topics that interest me and to find not only the general information but rather the discussions about them. This way of doing effective research is something I will need my whole life. Another great lesson I learned during this project, is that teamwork can actually be fun and productive!

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So now, let’s blog (or die tryin’)!

PS: See the story behind the photos 😉 :

(made by Nicole)

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