by Nicole Spanjer  

Just imagine a little square footage with just plain and boring ground.

This is our blog.

But now, we are planting one tiny seed called “Zara” into this ground to see what could happen. Putting a lot of effort and care into the development of our seed, we might get something incredibly beautiful.
Yet, we don’t know what we’ll get but one thing for sure: If we don’t take enough care of our seed it will end up as a sere thornbush.
In order to avoid this scenario, we all try to do as much as we can to help our seed becoming a huge tree or a lovely flower. If we succeed and let our plant grow, it will spread its seeds allover the ground which leads to the creation of new plants.
Time after time our tiny seed will have developed to a big, colorful, odoriferous garden full of flowers, trees and other plants. This oasis hopefully attracts butterflies that help aggrandize our new creation pollinating our plants.
Remember: All this began with just a little seed!

Be invited and watch our seed grow!


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