When people start talking to their glasses…

What would you say if I would tell you now that it might be fun wearing glasses? Or that you might no longer need your hands in order to operate on your smartphone? Or how about walking around the streets looking like Georgi La Forge from Star Wars? All this might be possible in a couple of years due to Googles latest innovations: The Project Glass!

Everything besides ordinary glasses

A simple and comprehensive description of what Project Glasses are provides Steven Levy, American journalist and senior writer for Wired in his article:

They are an augmented reality system that will give users the full range of activities performed with a smart phone — without the smart phone.

Described by Wikipedia, the Project Glass is “a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD)”.
It is a new portable technical device that requires no use of hands as it functions through language commands, similar to I-Phone’s Siri. The glasses use Google’s Android system and provide nearly the same functions as a smartphone: you get instant notifications, write messages, take photos or do phone calls. The Project Glass looks similar to normal eyeglasses but the lens are replaced by a heads-up display.

How does it look like? Watch this out:

Google’s supremacy

John C Abell, Wireds opinion editor and New York bureau chief of Reuters.com, states in his article about the Project Glass some reasons for publishing this video:
“Google is releasing the video now to spur conversation and elicit suggestions. (…) It’s also a timely means for Google to remind the public that its engineers have visions that transcend the current spats with Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, the DOJ and the European Union.”
In his opinion, already the publication of the video promoting the glasses is intented to have an effect on the public.
Moreover, Jaydeep Chavda, who blogs on “Geeky Note” thinks that Google also pursues another objective by introducing this new product:

The glasses could provide a way for Google to more closely entwine its advertising-supported online services, including Web searches, maps and email, into people’s daily lives.

Due to him, Google might try to get more people to use their services. This might be a reason why Google already filed for a patent on its Project Glasses.

Refering to the aspect of Google’s competitiveness, Drew Olanhof, The Next Web‘s Editor comments on this new device in one of his posts. Due to him, it might happen that Google will become really powerful and leading in the smartphone business.

Project Glass could be Google’s “iPhone Moment”, and when you get your hands on one eventually, prepare to be asked by everyone and their brother if they can play with it.

The other side of the coin

When simply referring to the functionality and use of this new item John C. Abell (mentioned before) writes that Google will have success as they try to create a technical device that is easy to use,includes intuitional transitions and is apparently functional:

“Victory goes to who paves the smoothest path to the task at hand.”

But on the contrary, he states that “pesky legislators will ban them after someone gets hit by a bus while looking at a pop-up display instead of oncoming traffic.”
Those dangerous disadvantages are also described in some comments on his article. One person claims that Project Glasses are dangerous when they are used in active vehicles as e.g. cars or bikes. This person criticizes that this lack of attention might lead to severe accidents.

“Now, people using these glasses will have even less incentive to pay attention to what is happening around them”.

Actually, I don’t know yet what I should think about this innovative technology. At first sight, it looks handy and cool but I guess that it might turn out to be disturbing in everyday life and I predict that it leads to a kind of “overconnected” society.

What do you think about it?


5 responses to “When people start talking to their glasses…

  1. Hey Nicole,
    your post is fantastic. Moreover it’s an interesting forecast for Google’s vision. The most I Iike the embedded video, the appropriate quotations and the clear structure of your post. Now I want to answer your question: The enhanced technology will have advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: 24 hours interconnection with the item without using the hands. Very fast recall of (time-critical) information. Interface between the user and his/her environment. Unifies various appliances in one item. Disadvantages: The distraction of the person (higher risk of accidents). Growing dependency of technology. The uncomplicated way of dealing with money can cause the loss of personal budget control. etc
    To come to an end I really enjoyed your post because it’s entertaining, short and informative. Thanks and don’t stop writing :)))

  2. Hey Nicole,
    I also have heard about this strange or funny innovation, similar to you I also do not really know what to think about it, but I think my opinion rather tends to the negative side than to the positive side. Okay it might be funny if you just look out of the window and the screen of the project glasses tells you what the wheater is going to be like.
    But I think these disadvantages which were mentioned in the text are really serious cons of this innovation. And I also think that this would be a really expensive thing (also very expensive for the customer).
    The idea in general is nice, but probably there must come still some improvements of this to make it really the big innovation.
    And I have to admit that I could not imagine a society with people wearing such things (okay I can, but I do not really like the innovation and I am also not sure whether people would like to walk around with such a thing in their faces).
    I think the smart phone is still the better innovation, although I think that people should not rely too much on their technological devices.
    Because I have also seen many people crossing streets without looking right or looking left, instead only looking on their smart phone screen.
    But now I want to come to evaluating you post.I like the structure and I also like the video which you inserted because so I could get an impression of how it looks like if you look through such kind of project glasses. And actually I do not really have a recommendation for improvement. Well done!

  3. Nicole!
    First of all: amazing formatting of your post! It looks incredibly appealing to! Great use of images, quotations etc.!
    Your interesting heading made me curious to explore more and so I continued reading your post and I am happy that I did! Thank you for picking such an interesting – and maybe even controversial – topic!

    It is great that you started your post with a series of question and even a comparison to Star Wars – you definitely know how to get your readers hooked!

    I think you included your video wisely. Funny that Google wants to promote their feature device with that advertisement. While watching it, I actually felt almost uncomfortable! The thought of looking at the world through glasses all the time just feels absurd! My first thought was how dangerous it would be when participating in traffic! No matter if it is as a pedestrian, driver or cyclist! So I was glad that you talked about this downside as well!
    As you can probably tell, I am not very convinced of the idea of Project glasses! I do not like the thought of being so connected to a technical device – it makes me fear that our society will lose the connection to reality all together! Furthermore, even with our smartphones we are pressured to be reachable 24/7 – I can’t even imagine what it would be like if everybody was wearing Project glasses!

    Nicole, once more – thank you for your incredibly well-written and well-structured post! You definitely mastered to present different opinions in a logical way!

    I am glad that I finally got around reading one of your posts – it definitely will not be the only one!! You found yourself another admirer!


  4. Wow, Nicole – just look at the progress you have made with blogging over the last few weeks! It is really impressive to see this development and to me you seem to be the expert of formatting.
    As there is not a slightest negative point that I could mention about your post structure. The pictures fit perfectly, you integrated a lot of citations and nice subdivisions, which makes it easy to read your post. Furthermore I liked that you included a video in your post.
    When reading your subtitle it made me wondering what could stand behind it. I really enjoyed reading your first paragraph all this questions supported my imagination and I had to think about seeing people on the street, who would look like Georgi La Forge from Star Wars.
    I have to admit that I have quite some struggle with giving you any critique as I just loved your post.
    However it would have been nice to get to know a little more about your own opinion. On the other hand I am convinced that it is ok to just give a brief statement of your opinion if there is nothing more to say about it.

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