How you will win the challenge of working in a global team…

This week I am going to have my sociology presentation. That is why I just did a resarch of round about 2 hours for my next week blogpost.

I am going to introduce Asana as a useful tool for global teams. Thus I am going to answer the following questions relating to this task manager:

  1. What is Asana?
  2. Do I have to pay for it?
  3. What is the benefit for my team?
  4. How does Asana work?

There will be an interesting comparison of opinions on Asana. In the following I am going to present some of them:

  • “Asana is currently incompatible with resource scheduling and planning as it has no tools or functions within its application.”
  • “I have been getting things done with Asana – more things, in fact. And I’m going to start getting things done with Asana alone from now on.”
  • “quick and easy to walk through the open tasks, but still it wasted time in a meeting instead of freeing up that time to do “real” work.”

As you might already have guessed “Asana” is suggestion of “how you will win the challenge of working in a global team. Though in my next week blog post I am going to reveal more about the work within global teams. Moreover I will give some more hints on how you are going to be a successful teammeber in global teams.


2 responses to “How you will win the challenge of working in a global team…

  1. Hey Korinna, first I was a bit surprised by the length of your post, but since you explained that you have your sociology examination this week I can totally understand what you did. I really liked that you didn’t say:okay I’ll just do something I can right about without having to really think so I’ll get this done fast”, but that you really thought about what you want to write about when you have more time. I think you already did a good amount of research and I like the way you presented your ideas. This was a very smart way to use your limited time for this weeks post, because now your work for next week will be a lot easier! I am looking forward to your complete Asana post!

  2. Hey Korinna,
    I think this is a good choice of topic, as it is something which is worth-to-know for everybody of us. As you mentioned that you have just had the sociology presentation (and I hope that it was fine) I can totally understand that you did not write an extremely long post.
    I have also just created my personal workspace on Asana showing all my subject and one project as another category which is for other appointments besides the studies. Before I tried out Asana more detailed I was very convinced that I would not need such a tool. But when I worked with it some time and tried some things out I noticed that it is not as unuseful as I expected, it is a good tool and even a useful tool. But I think when I will have received my smart phone, it will be more useful for me, as I do not want to carry my laptop around everywhere allday long.
    Although you kept your time with sociological things to study this week I would like to give you a little hint to improve this blog. You could change the format of the quotations if you edit your blog in the “visual” category and then click on the button: ” .
    But nevertheless it is nice how you managed to write a short post in a nice way!

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