Valuable, more valuable, my Omnia 7!

An Apple I-phone costs between 350 – 750€ plus a mobile phone contract including at least an internet flatrate which totals ca. 380 – 780 € monthly. So what?!
We know the monetary value of a smartphone, we know its worth in euros. So far, so good. We act like this most of the times we consider buying something. Wrong approach! Stop thinking in terms of money and prices. Start thinking about the personal value of it, far from prices and costs. How might a smartphone enrich your life in every respect? What are you able to do now? In the following part, I would like to introduce you to my smartphone and why it became so precious for me.

How Omnia 7 saved my life

Last year, I bought my Samsung Omnia 7 for 200€ with a 20€ monthly contract. I just bought it two weeks before traveling to Kanada and the United States. Without knowing it before, this was the best time for me to buy this mobile phone. I don’t know how I could have survived New York City without it!

What? Why? How?

The maps application became increasingly important when I was in New York City and also when I moved to Berlin. In NY, I used it to get from one place to another. It saved me from being dependant on what people on the streets tell me. Especially, as I am a girl I wanted to look cool and confident in the middle of this most vibrant city ever. Without the mobile maps function, my exciting and pleasant vacation trip (which I did all alone) would have changed into a horrible and stressy adventure. I would have looked like a tourist all the time,walking around with a card or disturbing all those busy people running hectically down the streets of 5th Avenue. The time it would have taken to find someone who knows the way, the time for printing out a map or the money I would have spent on an expensive tourist map could all be invested in sightseeing, shopping and laser quest. Horray!
Moreover, I am not the only one who likes this application: Everytime my friends and I want to find a place we have never been to, they ask me to search for it with my smartphone. This let me become the “location queen”. It’s nice to be known for such “abilities”.

Flexibility that protect your nerves

Being in the subway, at the supermarket, in university or wherever: My smartphone receives my E-mails directly when they have been sent. My personal value: It saves a huge amount of time. I think you all know this situation: You come home, start your laptop, open your e-mail account, find lots of E-mails that are either just spam or that need to be answered. Sometimes, you forgot to check your account daily and you find E-mails that have requested an immediate answer. Damn! Additionally, you never know if you even got some mails so it might happen that you started your laptop for nothing. My smartphone saves me from this nerve-racking procedure. I am always up-to-date, I can respond quickly to important E-mails that makes me look reliable and flexible. Attributes an employer wants you to have. Furthermore, while the time others are checking their mails at home, I can do something else e.g. doing my homework or watching TV. My mobile internet makes me use my time as effectively as possible. This is what we all want, isn’t it?

There is a lot more value in my smartphone when taking into account all of its features. This post should just provide you with my experiences of how to measure the real personal value of a smartphone.

The enrichment of my life through my smartphone: Enormous!


4 responses to “Valuable, more valuable, my Omnia 7!

  1. Hey!
    I really like the idea of measuring the personal value of a technical device. However, in which terms do you measure it if not money? You write that your personal enrichment from having a smartphone is enormous, so would you be willing to pay an enormous price for a smartphone?
    Of course, it is important to consider the personal enrichment and the usefullness when buying a new product, nevertheless it would have been great, if you hadn´t change your perspective once again from the manager (as in your last blog post) to the consumer (your personal perspective).
    To conclude, your blog post is pretty entertaining when reading about your personal experiences, but I would appreciate a more detailed measurement of the personal value.

  2. Hi
    I like blog posts containing personal value and experiences. Therefore I wasn’t bored by reading your post. However I admit that I still use a ”medieval” mobile phone but if I keep reading your posts than I will maybe replace it with a new one. But did you think about the technology itself? How does it function? And what’s about the data security? Your smartphone can be used as a movement profile by (unauthorized) third parties. Nevertheless your post is easy to understand and well structured with some headlines. Most of all it’s not too long and not too short. To put it briefly, your article is smart. 🙂

  3. Nicely told! I would like to know about the conversations on the web where these things are discussed, how differently they are being discussed, and what you learn from them that adds to the very thoughtful account you have offered thus far (both more personal AND more professional is the idea!)

  4. Hey Nicole,
    you have a nice way of connecting your personal experience with real information. The topic is especially suitable for me as I do not have a smartphone yet and I am thinking about when to buy and which to buy. And I think the map function is really a nice thing as you said as it saves time and money. However, I wonder if there is something wrong, because you wrote that an i phone costs 380-780 MONTHLY, there might be two zeros two much, but this is not a serious mistake, because your post is still a very good one and I like it !

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