Retrospect #3 – What we’ve accomplished

The process of becoming a “team”

Hey guys I hope you enjoy our blog “BLOG OR DIE TRYIN”. Our blog is now 6 weeks old. So it’s a growing baby with hearty appetite. But this baby is different than other babies, because we suckle it with our blogs, ideas, experiences, fantasy and innovations.

And where is the baby’s bottle?
Of course, that’s our teamwork. As you now, we are a team of six ambitious students with common goals. The better the teamwork is the better will be our baby’s “milk”. What have we done the last two weeks to improve our baby’s milk?
First of all we discussed about the blog’s design. For the fine-tune we created new subcategories to theme Evolution (Progress and Retrospect).

Under progress you can find the evaluation of our teamwork. How does the team operate? What else can be improved for a better collaboration? This subcategory is also a survey about our achievements and deficits over time.
Under retrospect you will see a report about our work. This subcategory will give you a summary about the work accomplished by the team members and the future tasks. It’s a fast overview of our blog.
In our previous blog we used capital letters for the tags. But soon we noticed that it will be more elegant and beautiful when we use small letters. We hope you like it.
However after six weeks we noticed that our baby isn’t fully satisfied. Why? We are a new team which needs a bit time for its development. Some of our team members recognized the deficits in the cooperation. For example: Our webmaster Fenja wants us to reply to her emails and questions via the communication platform google group. This will give her a better feedback. That’s why we decided to work closer and more effective in order to become a great team. Moreover we tried to concentrate on the five effective team characteristics in the draft of Richard L. (Trust, Healthy conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results Orientation).
Our prof. Mr. Spear recommended us for a better communication and tasking the platform: ASANA. I think it will help us to work faster and more effective.

Additionally the purpose to become a better team will be easier by applying this communication software. In the next review post we will report you more about our work with asana.

Last week our team members blogged about these issues:

Prejudices and Stereotypes (By Janastaub)

This is a great blog about personal experiences in other countries or with other cultures. If you want to know how Asians or other Europeans think about the Germans than I can recommend you this blog.

It’s like dancing in your bedroom with a hairbrush(By Fenja)

Fenja writes about the nightlife in Berlin and the bad sights of that. Her blog is reporting about a new concept (nlnl) in Melbourne, Australia. If you need an environment where you can dance without inhibition then have a look at Fenja’s interesting blog.

10 reasons for having a smartphone (By Nicole)

This blog is really something for technic freaks. It focuses on the new features and applications of today’s smartphones. Are you interested in smartphones or do you want to buy a new one then read Nicole’s tremendous blog.




How the industry cheats consumers.( By Ferhat)

In my blog I wanted to show my readers how the industry tricks with its products for more profit. The political indecisiveness and the consumer’s uncertainty are exacerbating the situation.



Mental strongness => The key to everything (By Korinna)

This blog is telling something about mental thoughts and that they can also come true. This blog is an interesting article with a psychological and scientific background. It’s particularly recommendable for students.

And the last but not the least:

Didn’t you learn that at school? (By Alexandra)

Referring to the article in the bbc news, Alexandra writes about a common problem of students by using technology. She criticizes the German education system and gives advises how to improve it. Accordance Alexandra the Information and Communication Technology ICT“ should be part of the education system.


One response to “Retrospect #3 – What we’ve accomplished

  1. Ferhat,

    I like your reviews and how your team tracks your progress as a team and how your blog has grown. On the side, there is a technical problem with the links to each individual post. I can’t click on it.

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