Mental strongness => The key to everything

According to` Idoceonline. com´ mental means `relating to the mind and thinking, or happening only in the mind.´ In this blogpost I am going to demonstrate you that mental thoughts don´t necessarily have to only happen and stay in your mind but that they can also come true.

Florian Mortan, who is the author of the book `Bestanden wird im Kopf!´(You pass in your head), wrote `if in sportive competitions or in an important exam for your studies or in your job: you win in your head.´ This is similarly stated by the successful tennis player Venus Williams, who said: `It is very important not to think about losing.´ Therefore `sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.´, which is a statement of the famous writer Richard Bach. The athlete Patti Johnson knew that this is true, as he concluded: `Once you’re physically capable of winning a gold medal, the rest is 90 percent mental.´
Finally all this statements show us that your `will must be stronger than the skill´ (Muhammed Ali, boxer).

It sounds pretty easy doesn´t it? – You just need to have a strong will and be mentally fit to achieve your personal goals. The question is: How to get mentally fit? Nothing easier than that as the secret lies in mental training.
Due to the paper `Mind Over Matter: Mental Training Increases Physical Strength´of  Erin M. Shackell and Lionel G. Standing (Bishop’s University): With mental training you can even decrease your heart rate similarly and marginal reduce your systolic blood pressure as with physical training.
Moreover it is proven that `mental practice produces measurable gains in skilled performance´ (see the meta-analyses of Feltz and Landres.)

When running races I already experienced how important mentally training is. Usually before the starting signal I already see myself running through the finishing line. – To tell the truth I even imagine that single moment over and over again during my training sessions. As it makes me keeping on my tough training schedule and somehow motivates me to run even if I am not delighted to at times. When lying in bed and closing my eyes before a competition day I see the people cheering and clapping their hands on the roadside and I image the feeling of happiness and detachedness after the race.

However before my last race I couldn´t see all that. I didn’t want to push myself trough the finishing line and I couldn´t even think of crossing the starting line. Moreover I felt exhausted and I didn´t have the slightest lust to run. The night before the running day I decided that I couldn´t compete like that so I kind of gave up before the beginning. Anyhow one and a half hours before the competition I told myself that I really should participate. But on the starting line I recognized that I couldn´t build up all the mentally strongness that I would need for the next 10km as I destroyed it the night before.  – It happened as it was bound to happen… after 5km I glanced at my watch and noticed that I couldn´t improve my time. I could have kicken my ass of as there where 5km to go and a slight chance to reach my aim for that race. Though I wasn´t mentally strong enough that´s why I broke off in the end.
Afterwards I recognized that I should have listen to my feeling and that it wouldn´t be a sign of abandoning if I would have decided right away not to participate.
Through that experience I got to know that it is quite important to listen to your brain and thoughts and that I should focus even more on mental training to achieve mental strongness and good results in competitions.

Can you remember a similar situation to this in your life? At least I think all of us, as IBMAN
students, need and have that kind of mentally strongness. Otherwise we probably wouldn´t do these endless seeming BusApps homeworks. In a metaphorical sense our next finishing line is the year abroad and I think that is what we all keep up to.

Indeed  you will need to be mentally strong in any kind of circumstances during your lifetime for example for: the Abitur, your studies, exams, a removal, travelling, breakup´s with your boy/- girlfriend, in case of death, when becoming a mother or father… this is a never ending list.
Are you convinced that mentally strongness is quite significant?  So what are you waiting for? – Go out there and keep mentally strong and think about investing some more time in mental training. Certainly it will pay off soon.

You are not sure how to train yourself mentally? Well there are a lot of ways: meditation, yoga and autogenous training would be good tools for a start. If you are not in favor of these three things than just close your eyes and imagine your success over and over again elsewise speak it out aloud: I will make it!, I will achieve it! I will reach it!, I will win! This is not a guarantee but I promise that you are going to have a higher chance of really reaching your aim.

How mentally strong are you at the moment? – Just test it with the following mental test.


4 responses to “Mental strongness => The key to everything

  1. I couldn’t have asked for a better blog. You happen to be always at hand to offer excellent guidance, going straight away to the point for easy understanding of your site visitors. You’re really a terrific pro in this subject matter. Many thanks for being there visitors like me.

  2. I simply want to tell you that I am just newbie to blogs and honestly loved your web-site. Likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You definitely have incredible stories. With thanks for sharing your blog.

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  4. Hey Korinna! I really enjoyed reading your post because you chose a topic that is important to you personnally but also shows a great significance for every one of us. I can relate to how you feel before running in a competition, because I started in competitions nearly every weekend in summer with my horse and I know how important it is to have the right attitude. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can train all you want, but you will never reach your goals. I especially liked how at the beginning you gathered all these sentences from different people, all stating how important mental strength is. Additionally the links you included showed that you spent a lot of time doing research. In the end, you could have focused a little more on how to gain mental strength, but I know that this topic is really widespread and you probably would have had to spend a lot more time on this post.
    Well done!

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