The invention bound to make girls’ hearts beat faster

It’s a situation any female is familiar with – you are on a night out with your friends, you’re having fun and you’re feeling like nothing could stop you from dancing till dawn.
Well, nothing except that piercing ache in your feet thanks to drop-dead gorgeous but unfortunately not entirely comfortable high heels.

Although not a female, young Engineering student Christian Huber also knows this situation very well indeed. Many a time he had to accept a premature end of a night out due to the pain-causing footgear of his girlfriend.

In summer 2010 he had enough – no longer should a shoe be able to rule over his social life! And thus, the idea of the FlexHeel – a height-adjustable high heel was born.

On year later, after a thorough development phase, the first wearable prototype was produced using a 3D- printing technique.

Even though the idea of the FlexHeel was born from a practical point of view, the project FlexHeel team also doesn’t lose sight of the role of a shoe as a fashion item. Therefore, the heels aren’t just interchangeable to adjust the height, but also the colour and style of the heel in oder to enable a completely new look in only a ‘click’.

The Project FlexHeel Team
(from left: Stefanie Stingl, Stefan Wabersich, Oliver Barth, Christian Huber, Christina Knauer)

In fall 2011 the FlexHeel was firstly introduced to a broader audience at the University of Applied Science Munich’s start-up convention.

The overwhelming postive feedback encouraged the Project FlexHeel team to get serious with their idea.

In January this year their hard work was rewarded when they were accepted into the Start-up League of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, a project providing promising start-ups with financial support as well as valuable advice and consulting during the founding period.

At present, a europewide patenting of the FlexHeel system is on its way. The first small collection is due to be produced this month in collaboration with shoemaker Anja Hoffmann of HeelsAngels.

Make some room in your shoe closet, ladies!

visit Project FlexHeel on Facebook

6 responses to “The invention bound to make girls’ hearts beat faster

  1. First thing that comes to mind: Where can I get those?? I hope that the project is successful, because it sounds really great.
    Once again you chose a topic that all of us (after all we are 30 girls and 5 guys) can relate to. It’s great how you always find such interesting things that a lot of people, me included, don’t know a lot about. Your structure is always very clear and easy to follow. The way you express yourself makes your post entertaining and informative at the same time. Either more details about what it means to start a business in general or about the plans for this particular one would have given your post a more serious and business-related tone.
    I enjoyed reading your post and keep me up to date with those shoes! šŸ˜‰

  2. hej fenja! when I read your first part, I thought “nice idea, but this will never work out! how will a shoe with adjusable heel EVER look acceptable?” Yet, the photo you posted proves otherwise. I would have liked if you told us, how much such a shoe is, since even on the heels angles homepage is says prices only on demand!

  3. Really innovative idea, the question is if it will work out in the end? At least I hope that it will do so, because I would definitely buy one pair of these. I liked it how you combined fashion with start-ups as well as your style of writing. You always find a way how to write your post in an interesting way without forgetting to inform the reader about the essential aspects. One thing I’d like know: Will they sell the shoes online or only in Munich?

  4. Hey Fenja
    That’s an interesting topic, because it reminds me of my childhood. When I was 9 years old my older sister got a gift from a cousin living in Turkey and working as shoemaker. These shoes had adjustable heels. (But a very simple approach). Nevertheless my cousin couldn’t find any investors or buyers. So I’m not sure if there will be enough demand for this kind of shoes today. But I can ensure you that my sister will be one of the first customs of this company. Thank you for this post. I’m looking forward for your next post.


  5. I WANT THEM!!
    Hahaha seriously, this is the work of a genius!
    At first when I read the title I was sceptical.. ‘bound to make girls’ hearts beat faster’.. I had high expectations and was curious as to whether the post would keep its promise. It sure did.
    But it also arises some questions you unfortunately didn’t answer. When, where and for how much will I be able to buy them?
    Further I would like to get a little guess for the future from you, do you think that this kind of shoe is going to be successful? Is it going to revolutionize the world of shoes? I’m very curious for your opinion.
    Did you find any information about how this shoe actually works? I assume you can click on and off the exchangeable heel, but how about the base, is it flexible too? Because the base of a shoe needs to be bent differently depending on the height of the heel.. do you know anything about that? I would appreciate some information about that:)

  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback guys, I really appreciate it!
    Alex: Good thought, I will try not to lose sight of the ‘business side’ of my topics in my next posts!
    Steffi: Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any information on the price yet, I guess they won’t fix a number until the first line is produced. I will try to find out in more detail though!
    Mirella: The shoe is due to be first sold in Spring 2013, so still some months of aching feet, I am afraid:) Once they are out, I’m sure we’ll be able to get our hands on them also in Berlin though!
    Ferhat: Wow, how interesting that your cousin had the same idea! She should totally get in touch with the FlexHeel team and ask how they succeeded in realizing their idea. Maybe there will be a FlexHeel outlet in Turkey soon?;)
    Kathi: To find out how the FlexHeel system works, visit

    I personally think this is a great start-up idea, as the market for such a product is definitely huge. The success will however certainly depend on the usability of the shoes as well as on the price – if you can buy three different pairs of shoes for one FlexHeel, the probably won’t be as attractive to most women.

    If you wanna stay informed about the progress, like the projetcs facebook page:

    I’ll keep you posted if I find out about any news!

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