What’s behind the ”success” of 7-Eleven???


This company stays for growth and success. With an innovative marketing strategy and new business model, 7-Eleven has grown to a giant in the food industry. This enterprise is expanding so fast that you could feel that increase daily. However the ‘’exponential’’ growth of 7-Eleven has also lots of victims.

With my text I refer to the report (that I really appreciate) written by Mia Strickland, Ezra Clark, Clare Perry and Wendy Elliott.

Accordance the report: 7-Eleven is a major distributor of whale and dolphin products in its home country Japan.  Under the ownership of Ito-Yokado the company is responsible for killings of more than 175.000 whales or dolphins by Japanese hunters. So Mr. Ito-Yokado doesn’t respect the 16-year old international moratorium on commercial whaling. Much more than 100 stores of 7-Eleven are increasingly dealing with whale products. Japan has refused the international ban of commercial hunting of whales until today. According Japanese authorities, the country is going to import whale products from Norway. However this decision won’t improve the faith of whales. The murdering will continue elsewhere.

Norway and Japan are strictly against the implementation of the IWC moratorium.

‘’Up to 18,000 Dall’s porpoise are killed in hand
harpoon hunts in Japan every year’’

The International Whaling Commission protects endangered species and works permanently on resolutions in order to urge countries like Japan not to issue permits for the hunt. Besides, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) published a list of endangered species in 1975.

Despite the International pressure on countries like Norway and Japan the slaughter of endangered marine creatures continuous.

Unfortunately supermarket giants like 7-Eleven strengthened this development. A main part of their profits is coming from the selling of whale and dolphin products. These companies will never stop the slaughter as long as the customers purchase such products. In Japan there is a high demand for Cetacean products. So it’s counterproductive to criticize only the food industry or the government. The consumer is also responsible for this development. The people in Japan have to be enlightened in terms of that issue. And not only in Japan! There are enough investors and shareholders with greed for profit in the world who also directly or indirectly support the trade of Cetacean products. The authorities should raise investors’ awareness for this sensitive topic.

We have to find new ways to protect our environment. We have to develop more effective and deterrent measures against the killing of endangered species.



One response to “What’s behind the ”success” of 7-Eleven???

  1. Hi Ferhat!
    I am glad that you found something that I have never thought of when thinking or reading about SEJ. A lot of big thriving companies have their dark secrets and you revealed one of them. Maybe you could have made a reference to Alex from our blogging group who revealed “the truth” about Zara.
    As you describe a really serious case, I think it is suitable to use such blatant photos.
    Moreover, I like that you close your post with an indirect appeal to the reader to protect the environment.
    More of this!

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