New Technology – New World

New Technologies and innovations that are going

to change the world around us

Many people cannot wait to test the new technology.This technology will alter our world. There are numerous technical innovations and advancements which will be unconceivable in our lives. I am sure that all of us will take them in the near future for granted as well as the mobile phone. In my article I want to present you some technological highlights of 2012. By the way: Ever since I can remember I am a fan of science fiction movies. In the 80’s my friends made fun of me for this. However some of those ‘toys’ used by actors are today’s natural devices. For example, speaking computers, working roboters, mobile phones, mini cameras, navigation systems, 3D presentations and much more. If I tried to tell all these ‘old’ ideas which have become today’s modern technology than I would have to write a big book. Therefore I like dreams because they are the gate to new innovations. The old movies were produced  by people with great  fantasy and dream. No matter how crazy they were.

 ImageThe actor William Shatner using

a ‘mobile phone’ by The Animated

  Adventures of Gene Roddenberry’s

Star Trek (1973-1974).


New Technology 2012:

These days, numerous innovators are trying to create new innovations and technical infrastructures. For instance: Senseye, Samsung flexible AMOLED display and the wireless power transmission are only some of the new inventions that I’m going to mention today.

Senseye – My most favorite innovation, which is a mobile phone “reading” technology. The concept of this new technology is known as Copenhagen project. This project will be installed in future Smartphone models. Users will be able to control their devices with the help of their Eyes. It sounds incredible. Nevertheless a mini camera in the phone tracks the eyes of the user and transmits the commands to the device’s inner system.

Image Some of these functions are:

activating screens, playing games,

Scrolling websites and many others.

Senseye enables disabled individuals to use technical devices without obstacles.  Additionally, the innovators of this new technology are working on creating different applications, which can function with Senseye. The developers can earn high revenue by marketing this technology to different manufacturers.

The Flexible AMOLED Display of Samsung – This is a new technology for Tablets and Smartphones. It will accompany many devices.


This display is fully transparent and flexible. Some products are scheduled to be equipped with this innovation in 2012. The Samsung handsets will be the first generation working with this concept.

Wirereless Power Transmission – Unfortunately, this new technology failed to win our hearts. Last summer of 2011 the scientists demonstrated how electricity can be transmitted from one location to another without wires or dangers to bystanders. This project was developed by Intel. It works by a specific high frequency that is sent through a wire coil which resonates with the frequency of another coil. This frequency will transport electrons from one place to another. However there are still technical problems which slow down the development and realization of the new concept. So, I’m curious whether we get this technology this year.

In the near future maybe we will stroll through the streets with entirely scrolled tablets and mobiles in our pockets or we won’t use keyboards any longer to write a text/sms etc. Believe or not, our world has already been changed by new technology which is growing faster and faster.


3 responses to “New Technology – New World

  1. Thank you for this very informative post!
    New technology is just overwhelming our life nowadays. I have to say I like to stay updated, but I don’t follow every blast about what new innoventions are supposed to come out soon, so your post was really interesting for me. I liked how you drew a personal connection to the topic in the beginning ( and of course that you are a trekky!) The images you included were very appropriate, because they made it easier to imagine all the new things you described. I look forward to read your next post!

  2. Good work, Ferhat!
    It is amazing to see how you tried to connect your past experiences and your passion for science-fiction movies with something that is of big importance for us today.
    Moreover, I think you chose some really nice examples of new technology items. I personally liked the “Senseye” technology the most.
    As I love creating and working with list, I think it would look nice, if the different new innovations would have been mentioned in the form of a list. Nevertheless, your message was clear and well-structured.
    After reading your post, I became curious about what might be possible for us in the future: Will we ever be able to say “Beam me up, Scotty”?

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