Anorexia – Unhealthy illusions of the media

For those who are not informed about it: Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder which is characterized by extreme food restriction and fear of gaining weight. It is also accompanied by a distorted body self-perception.It usually develops during adolescence or early adulthood. This restriction of food intake causes metabolic and hormonal disorders.Yes I know, this is not a nice thing, especially not when one has observed it among friends. I have observed it and so I thought it would be good to write about it.

I am just conscious on my nutrition

It happened relatively fast with a friend of mine. Originally she had a very nice shape, but suddenly after some weeks she lost 10 kilos. And the result was quite strange. She wore the same clothes as before but the clothes looked like they were many sizes too tall for her.

And another new thing was that she started to be “conscious on her nutrition” as she said. And for her this meant that she was just eating vegetables and brown bread. If you offered her candy she hesitated but then she said strictly “no”. As it was such a strange change in her life her parents sent her to the doctor, but she always pretended that she ate a lot etcetera. When I tried to ask her about the issue carefully sometimes she pretended to be completely normal and she even tried to find an anorexia-like behaviour in my nutrition, but this was obviously not the case. Even the doctor did not help her because she cheated a little bit when he weighted her. Meanwhile the problem has not improved a lot. She has not gone to this doctor for 1 year as she gained 4 kilos during the treatment. But since she stopped going to the doctor she lost the kilos again and she does a lot of sports but she always puts a lots of emphasis that she eats “so much”. I have given up to convince her to become normal again because I know if I did so I would lose her as a friend because she would feel pretty much upset and another factor is that her boyfriend likes her the way she is, so she would not like to change again. This is all I want to write about this case here.

32 is the size of a regular 12-year-old

Now I rather consider why anorexia is such a problem today. In my opinion the media plays a big role, for example if you take a look at stars like Victoria Beckham. Probably she had a nice shape some time ago, but since she has become anorexic I do not think that she looks female anymore. If you look at her grim face, she always seems to be worry about that she could gain a little bit weight, which would actually be the best thing that could happen to her. And then there are the young girls who see her and think that this shape is worth having it. But I do not think so. I suppose that just the girls like this extremely anorexic shape. I have asked several men about this topic and all of them preferred women with “normal sizes”.

There are also these model series like “Germany’s next Topmodel” and many others. There it is also told that models should have size 32 or 34. But it is proved that in general the size of a 32 corresponds to a healthy 12-year-old. The people who wish to have such a size should think about this. I do not want to insult anyone, but I know there are many people who want to get down to this size and it is rather for them to think about that.

I was inspired to write about this topic by Ferhats blog about the Zara G Concept and also because of the experience I told you about in this text. And I think it is an interesting topic.


3 responses to “Anorexia – Unhealthy illusions of the media

  1. I agree, a very interesting topic – one that needs to be taken seriously and talked about.
    First of all, I am really sorry to hear that about your friend! However, this story was the perfect way to start your post. It explained why you were interested in this topic and without listing 10000 facts, you conveyed the symptoms of this disorder. It was interesting to read that people actually do that and that it is not just a “stereotypical” description of what happens,
    I just would have loved to read more about the media’s part in this disease and what you think about it, especially because you have a personal connection to the topic.

  2. A very important topic in our society. It is brave of you to tell a story, what happened to your friend not everyone dares to tell personal things. I also like that you have been inspired by your team member- This builds on each other. Because of your mention I’ve also read Ferhats blog.

  3. I really liked how you included a personal story of one of your friends in your blogpost. I am sure that it must have been really hard for you to see her suffer. And what is even harder that these people don´t realize that they are actually suffering till it´s almost too late. Unfortunately this is a quite present topic in our society that is why I really liked that you wrote about it. Moreover it was great to see that you have been inspired by Ferhat and made something out of it.
    Your opinion fits really nicely in your textstructure and you give resonable arguments. – Keep on wrting about such explosive topics!

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