‘The Best Innovation Since Sliced Bread’

It’s just before 6pm.

The sound of Florence and the Machine’s ‘Shake it out!’ makes me jerk up from my desk where I was just about to get some work done. I’m picking up the phone.

It’s a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a while since she moved away. She informs me that she’s in town for a couple of days and would love to see me. Me and a couple of others. All at one time, of course – after all, Uni, work, friends, family, gym and other activities all keep our schedules cramped as the Berlin circle line during rush hour on a Friday afternoon.

So before I know what’s happening to me I find myself hectically typing Facebook messages to the one half of the group to be invited and text messages to those who heroically freed themselves from the clutches of that very same social network – all while still talking to my friend on the phone (that is now squeezed between my shoulder and chin) and going through my beloved old-fashioned Moleskine to find a possible time to meet.

14 Facebook messages, 9 texts and a 60 minute-long conversation later (that mostly went as follows:’How about Monday at 6pm?’ –  ‘Naah, I gotta work at 5pm. How about at 2pm?’ –  ‘Won’t work, I’m having lunch with my granny at 1.30pm. Breakfast on Tuesday, 10ish?’ – ‘Yeah, that would work! Oh no, wait Marie just wrote she’ll be in Uni all day Tuesday….’) we’ve managed to agree on a date and time where most of us are available, at least for a couple of hours.

It’s now 7pm and the file that was supposed to become my this week’s portfolio entry is still empty. I’m starting to wonder – did it really just take me a whole hour of my time (a really scarce resource as we all know!) and also a fair bit of money (an unfortunately even scarcer one) due to higher my phone bill, just to arrange to have lunch with a couple of friends?!

That is so wrong!

Sounds familiar to you? Well, then check out the solution to all your scheduling problems – Doodle!

Designed and launched in 2007 by our neighbors form Switzerland, this application was widely praised in forums, tweets and blogs all across the web (Harald Taglinger: ‘Best innovation since sliced bread’) and was even nominated by the Harvard Business Review to one of the ‘Eight Apps to make you more productive.’
The idea of Doodle is simple: It enables you to create your own scheduling-poll in only 3 quick steps:

1. Select title, description and location of your event.

2. Select various dates and time slots.

(if you wish you can now also customize your Poll (e.g. add ‘ifneedbe’ answer option for the really busy participants, make the answers hidden for everyone except you etc.)
4. Invite! Either by copy, pasting and sending the link to your poll via Mail/Facebook/as you wish or by letting Doodle do the work after connecting Google/Outlook mail account or signing up for MyDoodle.

The hole process seriously doesn’t take you longer than 30 seconds (provided you’re not using a anno 2007 internet connection allowing for an extensive coffee break each time a new site loads).

It is just incredibly easy and fast. With doodle you’ll no longer waste your precious time scheduling – you’ll put that time to better use und enjoy life!
Not convinced yet? Then visit www.doodle.com and explore for yourself!

PS: Are you one of those who quit Facebook because you don’t trust this weird site that changes their (privacy) settings like John Mayer his girlfriends? You still crunch at the mention of Evernote and cling on desperately to your colorful post-it notes? You think ‘Digital Natives’ is probably the new ‘Club Mate’?

Well, then Doodle Unplugged that recently was launched at last after a long lasting development phase, might be just for you!

The offline version of Doodle enables you to conveniently create your paper-based poll: Just print out the PDF-file, fill it out to your individual needs and than simply share it out to the participants whatever way you like – personally, by fax, bicycle courier, carrier pigeon.

And the best thing about it all, Doodle Unplugged even gives you a guarantee on your poll – with this tool you’ll have your meeting arranged in under a year! How cool is that?!


6 responses to “‘The Best Innovation Since Sliced Bread’

  1. Haha, I really had to laugh several times while reading your article (greetings to Mike). It´s nice if a day begins with such a new and obviously helpful application information because I know this problem myself. I moved to Berlin and when I am at my hometown everybody wants to see me and this sometimes is really really exertive. I guess I will give doodle a chance the next time and I am kean on getting to know if it is really a time saver. Moreover, I like that you listed the offline alternative – very well done. Thank you for this entertaining post.

  2. I was thinking was could match sliced bread and I would not have thought of Doodling as a way to arrange appointments! It was a fresh and lighthearted post. And I enjoyed reading it because it flowed smoothly as well. I will definitely check out Doodle. Thanks!

  3. Hey Fenja, I really liked your post, because I can totally relate to your problems! I know how annoying it is, if you have to waste hours just to come up with the perfect date to meet all your friends. I didn’t really know about doodle before, I always just heard it mentioned in a sideline but that was all. So I am very grateful that you introduced me to this great tool! How you wrote your blog in a very entertaining and fun-to-read matter but still very informative is just great! That makes it easy for everyone to understand your topic and also engages people to really read your work till the end. Including a video is always a great way of making people remember your topic and really think about it. Since I didn’t know anything about doodle before, you lost me with your last paragraph. I thought it was a bit strange that they would do that, but didn’t get the irony, that they are just kidding with that! I can’t wait for the next great thing you’ll present!

  4. Thanks for sharing this neat tool with us! I have never heard of it before, but now that I read your informative post about it, I definitely want to check it out ASAP. 🙂
    The storytelling style of your post was very catchy and kept my attention until the very last line – very well done! I find it cool that the tool is alterable and not only designed for PC geeks, but also for people who like to keep it a little old school sometimes. Moreover, it seems to be useful for both one’s personal AND professional life. Thus, it may be good to get acquainted with the tool NOW in order to be able to use it later in the office. However, it appears to be a delight utilizing that tool due to its user-friendly interface anyway!

    In this context, I would also like to mention a site a friend of mine recommended a few weeks ago.
    On rememberthemilk.com you can find a simple but portable to-do list that helps you organize your tasks and meetings to save even more precious time. When planning ahead thoroughly, one can also avoid late cancelations. You are even enabled to share your to-do list with others Sounds great, doesn’t it? 🙂
    And now I’ll be checking out Doodle – thanks to you!

  5. Awesome post! I’m sure everyone has this kind of problem sometime and ‘doodle’ just is the perfect solution to it! I mean, I’m aaaaalways sceptical when it comes to new programs, because it usually takes me ages to get acostumed to them, but ‘doodle’ is just so damn easy that you have to use it! Also the embedded video was extremely cute and well matched, it summarized exectly what you’re telling us and well, as I said, it’s damn cute 😀
    Maybe one little suggestion, tho.. I think you used too many brackets, you confused me a little with them, especially in the end. Besides that it was very entertainingly written and since you talked about your own experience I just relate very well to it. Good job getting the word of ‘doodle’ out in the world.

  6. *… I could relate very well…/ … out to the world.
    Stupid brain+keyboard combination is just stupid 😉

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