Retrospect #1 – The birth of “blog or die tryin'”


“Oh my god, we have to create a blog!”
“Let’s think about a cool name”
” hmmm…..” “hmm……” “……erm….”
” What about a blog post a day keeps the doctor away?”
“Ok I check if it’s available”
“No, it’s already taken…hmm”
“What about “The blog and the beast” or “The beauty and the blog”?”
“Already taken”
“So, why the hell are those blogging people so innovative???”

A whole bunch of several ideas later…. nothing worked so far:
“What about “Get a blog or die trying?” or “Blog or die trying”? “If we leave out the G in “blog or die trying”, it works!”
“Cool, let’s do it”

Hooray, the first step in our blog creating phase was done!

As we already made our first experiences with Google groups, we decided to create on special group for our blog to easily exchange ideas, solve problems and organise our blog.

The next “problems” followed soon:

What do we actually have to do now?
Who does what in the group? What does the webmaster, group leader etc. do?
How long should my blog post be? What should it be about? How to we want to design our blog?
How can I create my own wordpress acount and how can I enter the blog group?
Questions, questions, questions!!!

The organizational questions have been rapidly figured out:
Every week, we assign one blog post publishing day in a week to each of us and try to circulate the order.
Our group leader Alex wrote little texts about everyone of us for the author page (which she did very well!).
The webmaster Fenja is responsible for all the technical features and problems of our blog. So mainly in the beginning we ask her a lot about things like “How can I insert the photo from google?”, “How can I create space between photo and text” “How to insert a “read more” button?” just to name some examples.
Our webmaster often exchanges ideas and solves problems with webmasters from other groups, like e.g. Christian from “busiconics”.
As Korinna loves taking photos and everything about design, she became our photo editor and tries to improve our blog post through the use of nice images.
Johanna decided to be responsible for our mindmaps, soon there will be one available on our blog.
Ferhat and Nicole want to make weekly reviews about the group work and working on a blog. We decided to take it in turns and do our reviews every two weeks.
To give our blog a personal touch, we used our time during a study break to drive together to one of Berlin’s famous “Fotoautomaten” to get pictures for our author page. We filmed the whole process to make a funny video out of it! (Check it out:


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