The ZARA G Concept

Since 1975 the Zara company developed several sophisticated marketing strategies. Fast fashion, super responsive network and profit margins are only some of them. Zara really sweeps other high fashion houses away by offering almost the same products made with less expensive fabric and at lower market prices. Most notably this company keeps a flat organization which ensures that important communications don’t  get lost through the bureaucratic barriers. But this company has plenty to offer. It controls most of the steps on the supply chain: From design to production and from production to distribution.

With an efficient distribution system and the commitment of its employees the company reinforces its competencies. I think that the last point is one of the most important business idea of Zara.

Another interesting concept of Zara is the ‘’ Plus size women’s clothing specialty’’. When I saw this concept I really got happy.

Normally, the textile sector always requires model sizes. That means: Models have to weighed about 23% less than the average woman.

In 2007 The model Isabelle Caro startet a campaign for an Italian fashion house. Unfortunately she died at the age of 28 from anorexia. I’m sure others will follow her (to death) if the fashion industry doesn’t change its requirements and the exploitation of women for their own profits.

Back to Zara, I found the concept Zara G which offers more than just clothes.

 It promises suitable size for every woman no matter what shape she is.


So more natural approach and better female form seem to become available with the fashion of Zara. “A woman truly feels beautiful  when she recognizes that she is exquisite the way she already is: a wonderful, unique, and exceptional individual.” Zara G.

However Zara G is not a charity for oversized women or the average women.

Behind this concept you can find a well-elaborated marketing strategy.

Experts are concerned about the increase of obesity in Europe. Especially the younger generation is affected by this serious weight problem. The US and Ireland have actually higher obesity rates in the developed world.

On the one hand the Plus Size concept will open Zara the door to a new market niche and on the other hand it will improve its image as a pro-women company.

 I like this concept because it kills two birds with one stone. Zara G gets access to a profit promising market and simultaneously it will be able to satisfy those customs (women) who had been neglected by the fashion industry for years.

By the way: I personally prefer plus sized models to malnourished ‘’zombies’’.






3 responses to “The ZARA G Concept

  1. Often, you would see runway models doing advertisements for various fashion retailers. But have you seen a plus size model doing advertisements? I hardly think so. I like that I actually found out something new from reading your post. I did not know about Zara G and it had not previously occurred to me that there was indeed a lack of focus on the Plus size market that the fashion industry could profit.

  2. Nice post Ferhat!
    You developed a clear and comprehensive structure, leading from general aspects about Zara to something special and new about this company. As I have never heard of Zara G before I am so lucky that I read your post.
    I really appreciate your point of view about anorexic models as I also dislike the image of women the fashion industry creates. To my surprise, also men realise this distorted reality.
    I also like your approach of explaining that the Zara G. concept “kills two birds with one stone”. Great metaphor! And now, I am interested in reading more about this new concept.

  3. Hey Ferhat,
    I like the way you have written your post. I have not heard about Zara G before, but I think it is very good that they invented it because actually I knew about the other extreme concerning Zara’s sizes: The fact, that especially in the TRF collection there are many clothes which have a strange size. For example when I went there I needed two sizes taller than usual and I think such things could also have bad effects on young girls who think that they are too fat, but in reality they are well-shaped. So this is a nice concept of Zara to soothe annorexia. So I am excited to read your next post 😉

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