The acceleration of our society

My alarm clock is ringing. – Every morning the same deafening, terrible noise. If I would just have some more minutes to stay in bed to wake up gently. But there is no time as I already have to hurry up to be at the university on the dot.
While gobbling my breakfast I am thinking weather I got everything done for today. Did I do all the homework? Did I get everything prepared? Whatever! – Now it would be too late anyway to get something new started. But somehow I can´t get the thoughts out of my mind and I am getting the feeling that I missed something. This feeling overcomes me quite frequently. Thus I am wondering whether I am setting the pressure on myself or if it is an outcome of our accelerated society?
A society which is characterized by speed and where everything always has to be faster, bigger and better.

On the way to the university my answer seems to show up. As I cycle by Zara every morning and once again I realize that they dressed their windows with a completely new collection.
– Zara is a fashion company, which belongs to the chain store of the Inditex group. The company can  be distinguished for it´s innovational concept, which is dominated by speed. Since Zara just needs two weeks to develop a new product and get it to the stores whereas other companies need up to six-month.
This quick change of their products helps Zara to get everything sold out in a very short time. As the people have to rush to be the ones who get the recent trend at first before everything is out of stock.

Suddenly I realize a really fancy top on one of the mannequin´s. And for sure I want to belong to the group, which manages to be the firsts. I don´t want to be the one, who misses the newest trend.
Thus I am thinking of hopping in the store to make sure that this amazing top will be mine. However I can´t afford to be too late for university. Like that I can just hope that I will still be able to win the race at this beautiful top when university is over.
All at once I fell that my thoughts are circling around and somehow my whole body seems to circulate. I am getting hot and I can feel beads of sweat on my forehead. – Certainly I am suffering from an overstimulation.

Who could I blame for that? Is it really the industry, who is responsible for the stimulus satiation and the acceleration of our society or is it us?
As we can decide by ourselves how often we want to go shopping and we have at least an influence on how many other stimuli we are willing to encounter.
– Honestly we as the consumers have the power to make a change. Think about it for yourself. Is it really necessary to shop that often and to get a shopping fever frequently? Aren´t there better things to deal with our time? Things which help you to relax, which enable you to be calm and allow you to take a deep breath. Something where you can get new energy from. Energy – which you will need for sure to have a chance to survive in this society where speed sets the tone.

So if I would endow you time – what would you do with this most precious good?


One response to “The acceleration of our society

  1. Hey Korinna!
    I really liked the way you structured your post! It was fun and easy to read, just like a story. But still you included a lot of interesting facts about ZARA without making your text boring or stiff. I can truly imagine how you drive by that ZARA store and are lost in thoughts. You did say that stress and speed are always around.But maybe you could have included more examples of where we are confronted with these problems. You could have done this with the idea of stress at the university, because you already mentioned that. Maybe something in the direction of ” should you have a higher workload to finish early or is it okay to take the time you need”. But that’s just something that would have interested me.
    The way you concluded in asking more question was really well done, because through that the idea of your post lingers around in one’s head for quite a while longer and one actually puts some thought and personal emotions into the subject.

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